Our Process

 Our goal is to serve our clients in the most cost effective and efficient way without compromising quality.

1)      We work with client needs and learn about their company and culture as well as their expectations.      We gather all important information needed for the vacancy such as –

a)      Job Classification or Position

b)      Temporary/Contract or Permanent

c)      Start Date

d)      Job Description/Special Skills

2)      Immediately post the position in our website and start the search by coordinating with our team and thorough search of our database, professional and community referrals, and advertisement.

3)      We gather a short list of pre-screened resumes and conduct phone interviews

4)      Conduct in-person interview and skill testing assessment specifically tailored for our client’s needs.  We contact a minimum of two references for the potential candidates.

5)      We compile all credentials we have gathered for the candidates and produce a summary profile for each candidate and present to you.

6)     Client makes their selection to interview off the short listed candidates we provided and we arrange interview schedule based on client’s availability and convenience.

7)     We contact successful candidates and arrange a second interview if needed be.  We present final offer of employment to the successful candidate on behalf of our client.

8)      We advise unsuccessful candidates

9)      We maintain our communication with client to ensure a smooth transition and that we met their expectations