FAQ from Employers

1)      What kind of services does TBP provide?

TBP provides Temporary, Contract and Permanent staffing solutions.   In simple terms, we find the best candidates to fill job vacancies within a company.  In addition to staffing services, we also offer the following services:

a)      Permanent Placement – If you’re looking to fill a specific or specialized position, we will work with you from beginning to end to find you the most suitable candidates that best fit your organization’s needs.  Each placement is guaranteed.

b)     Temporary Placement – For short-term and immediate temporary positions – whether you need someone to fill a sick leave, maternity leave, vacation coverage or when your office is busy but only needs someone to assist you with small projects, we can provide temporary staff on short notice.

c)      Contract Placement – If your company requires staff on a contract basis only for completing a project based on number of months, this is the best solution and, as always, we will work what’s best for your company.

d)    Payrolling – If you’ve already hired staff but don’t want to handle the payroll or add this staff to your company’s payroll, we will handle all the payroll via ADP (direct deposit) and take care of vacation pay, stat pay, all the government source deductions and other payroll related documents such as Records of Employment, T4 etc.

Please note: if your staff is under our payroll they are also covered by our WCB insurance.

Our Payrolling fee is based on employee’s hourly rate plus our mark-up.

e)      Staged Recruitment – If you only need a portion of our services such as Skill Testing, Reference Checking, Short List Creation and Contacting/Advising unsuccessful candidates.


2)      What are your fees and what is included in your mark ups?

a)   Permanent Placement – No payment is necessary until one of our recommended applicants starts their employment.  Please call our office and we will be happy to provide you with more details.

b)     Temporary Placement – We invoice our client on a weekly basis, based on our temporary staff’s number of hours worked.  The billing rate is based on the hourly rate plus our mark-up.  Temporary mark ups include government source deductions, stat pay, vacation pay, WCB, T4’s and ROE’s for every employee.

c)      Contract Placement – Please contact our office for more information and we will be happy to assist you.


3)      What are TBP’s processes and how does TBP work when a client requests staffing placement or service?

We will determine your immediate need for staffing by assessing your priorities based on requirements such as:

1) Temporary, Contract or Permanent staff (full-time or part-time) and what the position is.

2) Length of assignment (if it is for temporary and contract only).

3) Job description, special skills, education, minimum years of experience required.

4) Anticipated salary/wages you are willing to pay and have budgeted for.

5) We will search our database and develop a list of potential candidates or place an advertisement seeking specific education, skills and experience.

6) We will provide you with a list of pre-screened qualified candidates and make arrangements for interviews.

7) Once you’ve selected the successful candidate we advise the unsuccessful candidates.

8) We will prepare the final negotiations for you.

9) If your needs are for Permanent staffing, you will have to provide a job offer.

10) If your needs are for Temporary staffing, no additional documentation is needed — just provide the position or classification, starting date, Length of assignment, location, and supervisor’s name.


4)      What industries do you service?

We provide services to the public and private sectors such as Government, not for profit organizations, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, banking and finance, legal, real estate, educational institutions, retail & food industries and other industries.


5)      What type of positions do you recruit and place?

Administrative & Clerical

Accounting and Finance

Management and Executives

Other specialized office positions

Administrative –

Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Program Assistant, Data Entry Clerk. office assistants and other office clerical positions

Accountants –

CA –Chartered Accountants

CGA –Certified General Accountants

CMA –Certified Management Accountants

CFA –Certified Financial Analyst

Accounting Clerks –

A/P –Accounts Payable Clerk

A/R –Accounts Receivable Clerk

Payroll Clerks


Other Accounting Positions: Cost, Staff, Project Accountants

Management –

Office Manager

Accounting Manager

Operations Manager

HR Manager

Project Manager

and other mid to high level managerial positions

Executives –